As our name implies, Rebecca's House Publishing is owned and operated by the family of Rebecca Lynn Krimm. Rebecca was an exceptionally talented author who dreamed of becoming a writer. After she was murdered in 1996, we founded the company to publish and distribute works by Becca.

The Flame That Wouldn't Die

This hard cover volume of poetry is now in print. It is Becca's unaltered and unedited work, and covers the period from age ten until she died at age 16. She planned to submit the book for publication in the summer of 1996 after her high school graduation, but was killed February 29. Becca writes about feelings that all teenagers share - the problems of becoming an adult, loves found and lost (and sometimes found again), communication with friends, school boredom, and the beauty and wonder of being alive. This book touches the soul and is a must read for every poetry lover.


Camerella is a teenager's twist on the beloved story of Cinderella. In this colorful creation, however, everyone is a camel! This is a powerful children's book with beautiful illustrations and a worthwhile moral. The hard cover edition will be available in 2024, and is a fabulous addition to the more traditional bedtime stories for youngsters of all ages. This is Becca at her humorous best, and we believe it will become a classic.